In this time of "shutdown", it's eerie to see that few have lived through such a thing yet the closet that I can relate to is how my grandparents talked about the "Great Depression" in America. With that being said I'm sure many of you around the world have felt perhaps unsure what to do. or perhaps have gone to Zoom to connect with our friends or family. It seems more obvious now than ever how much as humans we relay each other not just in a monetary sense but more importantly how much we rely on the quality of relationships that are around us The second thing that has become evident to me is that we don't fall in love with our product of end artwork but rather fall in love with our client and building of that relationship. So one of the goals I will be striving for over the foreseeable future, regardless of the things I have no control over. So I would challenge you to find your superpower the thing that separates you from the rest and second reverse engineer that superpower to help your fellow. For me, it as always been relationships and building on that trust and second centering that quality around the client and not the end creation!

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