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UP next... The future is by far the hardest thing to predict, the only thing for certain is our death. Now that does not mean we just give up but rather do our God-given best to give it, all we have. However, with words like “Stay at home. Shelter in place. Quarantine. Lockdown.” It’s difficult to think of anything else other than negative connotations, as these ideas are associated with times of crisis, such as war, and needed protection from potential danger. Not to mention the fact that “lockdown” is a term used in prisons, for all the inmates to head to their cells to prevent unrest and riots. In truth, all of this is challenging and trying in times like this. In the end, this has the potential to shape our behavior. So the only question is how is this or future events going to shape that truth? ⁣ ⁣ The difficult part is I’m sure many of you are getting flooded with news on tips and tricks on how to keep your family safe or protect yourself and your community. While I may have a background as a certified Firefighter and Hazmat that is not the focus of who or what TIKVAH is all about. Our business model is not about making things easier, it’s more about how do we develop relationships with a purpose to find more efficient ways to work through difficult challenges, be it creative, business decisions, or mindset, and to do it with humility and grace? It is my firm belief that we are on this planet for a purpose. It honestly does not matter to me rather you believe that or not but the focus is on being independent of the chains that are holding us down to being dependent on the truths that can set us free. For example, instead of using the word “lockdown” which carries the idea of prison, rather replace that word with grounded! ⁣ ⁣ I also firmly believe that this is an opportunity to root our lives in a firm foundation that carries us to whatever end of our paths take no matter where they might end up. So here is my challenge over this next quarter: Ground yourself like the bristlecone pine trees on the sides of mountains that refuse to let go of their foundations. Walk away from the noise such as things like the news which more than anything will keep you from experiencing, love, joy, planning, dreaming, and creative works. ⁣ The greatest shift in my life was the realization that hope is not an idea in theory but rather an idea in action and with purpose. It’s time to challenge that absolute and there is no better opportunity than NOW! ⁣ ⁣ This is an article from TQM magazine that is published quarterly as we go through these hard times we will be selling it at cost and will be posting codes to get a discount because we think the information is that important and beneficial. Stay connected when releasing the mag in about a week's time!⁣

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